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13th November 2016 / / Articles
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What do you remember of your childhood? Happily wandering over to school? Happily coming home to a warm meal and big kiss or hug? Happily spending time with friends and family?

Fortunately for some of us, this idyllic picture of “happiness” was a given. We had stable homes, loving families and a good circle of people that we trusted implicitly. And we continue to benefit from that “given” in our adult lives.

With this fortune, it would be easy to forget that this is not the basic standard for over 30,000 children that have been supported by Place2Be in 2015 alone.

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18th May 2016 / / Articles
In preparation for a close friend’s hen party, I returned to the salon that I have been visiting every 2 or so months for the last 12 years of my life. Despite the 45-minute journey and the fact that there are countless salons nearby that do the same (ish) job, I return to this one each and every time.

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